Tuning fork Therapeutic Pythagoras series


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Tuning fork Therapeutic Pythagoras series


This assortment includes 8 therapeutic tuning forks based on the Pythagoras or Zarlino range. Each frequency in this range is finely tuned according to a harmonic ratio of pure intervals.


Frequency list

• 256Hz

• 288Hz

• 320Hz

• 341.3 Hz

• 384Hz

• 426.6 Hz

• 480Hz

• 512Hz



This assortment is used in the same way as the Do & Sol duo, by placing a tuning fork at the level of the pinna of each ear. The choice of intervals is made arbitrarily or by energy test. The tuning forks are held by the stem and are gently struck on the knees, or preferably on an activator, before being delicately brought closer to the client’s ear pinnae.

These tuning forks can also be used in the aura (energy field), at the level of the chakras, etc…


? Delivered with their navy blue velvet protective cover.


This assortment of 8 finely calibrated unweighted tuning forks is a first choice tool for Music Therapy, Sonotherapy and Sonology – Touch by Sounds®.


Disclaimer: The information above is that provided by the manufacturer and is for general guidance only. PICK & BOCH MUSIQUE declines all responsibility for the therapeutic use that may be made of this musical tool.


Complete your order with a suitable mallet, a tuning fork holder, a book on Sonology or a Sonotherapy CD.