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This metal tuning fork emits a frequency of 432 Hz, which corresponds to a so-called “natural” A note.


The oscillation at 432 Hz would be the resonant frequency of water, a major constituent of all life on earth. Moreover, in music tuned to 432 Hz, we notice that the other notes of the scale correspond exactly to the resonance frequencies of other natural elements, such as the note G for oxygen, or the C which would then activate the system chlorophyll of plants for example…


Listening to music at 432 Hz would therefore bring us closer to nature by putting us in resonance with it. Music composed in a “natural” scale would thus have a profound effect on the body, quickly providing sedation of the neuro-vegetative system and a state of well-being.


Religious songs, particularly among the Cistercians, were composed with this range, and they were recognized as having virtues for serenity and elevation of the soul. Many composers have also used this A 432 Hz, such as Mozart, Bach or Verdi, who was a great defender of it (hence its name “Verdi tuning fork”).


? Delivered with its navy blue velvet protective cover.


Disclaimer: The information above is that provided by the manufacturer and is for general guidance only. PICK & BOCH MUSIQUE declines all responsibility for the therapeutic use that may be made of this musical tool.


Complete your order with a suitable mallet, a tuning fork holder, a book on Sonology or a Sonotherapy CD.

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