Therapeutic tuning fork - Crystal Tuner - 512 Hz


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This tuning fork Crystal Tuner, precisely calibrated on a Do 512 Hz, is used with a quartz crystal, polished or not, and finished with a tip, which can amplify the effects. By striking the crystal with the tuning fork, on the opposite side of the tip, which will be directed to a specific point, the tuning fork serves as an activator and amplifies the natural vibration. The tip of the crystal being directed towards a specific point, it is necessary to strike its other end with the tuning fork, which then serves as activator of the crystal by amplifying the natural vibration of the latter, which activates in resonance with the frequency of the tuning fork . use On major acupuncture points (eg palms or soles), energetic points, neuroendocrine chakras, etc … ? Delivered with its protective cover in navy blue velvet. Note: This tuning fork produces high-pitched sounds that can attack the ear of the user and the receiver. For use on the endocrine chakras of the top of the skull, forehead, throat and heart, it is recommended to gently hit it and then move it away while the crystal remains close to the body. Warning: The above information is provided by the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only. PICK & BOCH MUSIQUE declines all responsibility for the therapeutic use that can be made of this musical tool. Complete your order with a matching mallet, a tuning fork, a book on Sonology or a Sonotherapy CD.