Therapeutic tuning fork -set 7 weighted chakras


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Therapeutic tuning fork -set 7 weighted chakras


For Sonotherapy, Sonology


This assortment includes 7 weighted therapeutic tuning forks, each set to a specific frequency, associated with a chakra.


List of frequencies & properties

• 194.18 Hz: 1st chakra / Muladhara

Energizes, vitalizes, strengthens

• 210.42 Hz: 2nd chakra / Svadhisthana


• 126.22 Hz: 3rd chakra / Manipura

Increases the feeling of one’s own center

• 136.10 Hz: 4th chakra / Anahata

Relaxes, reassures and relaxes

• 141.27 Hz: 5th chakra / Vishudda

Increases communication

• 221.23 Hz: 6th chakra / Ajna

Balances intellect and intuition

• 172.06 Hz: 7th chakra / Sahasrar

Stimulates the clear and joyful aspect of the mind


These 7 weighted tuning forks are perfectly suited to harmonic and energetic use. They can be used individually for each chakra and can also be placed directly on the body, except for the first.


? Delivered with their navy blue velvet protective cover.


This assortment of 7 finely calibrated weighted tuning forks is a first choice tool for Music Therapy, Sonotherapy and Sonology – Touch by Sounds®.


Disclaimer: The information above is that provided by the manufacturer and is for general guidance only. PICK & BOCH MUSIQUE declines all responsibility for the therapeutic use that may be made of this musical tool.


Complete your order with a suitable mallet, a tuning fork holder, a book on Sonology or a Sonotherapy CD.