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Tuning Fork Therapeutic Tuning Forks C 128 Hz Energy Harmony Sonotherapy

Therapeutic tuning fork – C 128 Hz


This therapeutic tuning fork vibrates on the low frequency of a C at 128 Hz. It is based on the frequency of 8 Hz, of which it represents the 5th octave (8Hz/16Hz/32Hz/64Hz/128Hz). Derived from the fundamental pulsation of the Earth, this 8 Hz vibration, called a Schumann wave or Schumann resonance, also corresponds to the alpha waves of the brain.


These frequencies provide a feeling of deep relaxation and immediate appeasement. By transmitting their sound vibrations in harmony with the frequency of the Earth to the bone structure, they relieve muscular tension, spasms, pain and improve circulation through tissue relaxation.


The tuning fork can be used alone in sweeping or in pairs directly in contact with the body, particularly on the shoulders or at ear level, to help relaxation, promote alignment of the physical structure, resonate bone mass, stimulate the nerves and release tension in the body.


This therapeutic tuning fork is designed with specific dimensions and weight that allow for a longer vibration than that of a regular tuning fork.


It is particularly effective when placed on the skull, rib cage, vertebrae, sternum and joints. Two 128 Hz tuning forks struck gently on the knees and brought close to the ears create a deep, beautiful, sustained vibration, excellent for grounding and relaxation, and can also accompany gentle humming.


In addition, we can also stimulate the sense of olfaction by using the essential oil of Larch Laricin (Larix laricina) which has the property of harmonizing with this frequency and recharging the nervous system while promoting relaxation ( puts you at ease).


After using 2 tuning forks at 128 Hz at ear level, you can do the same thing with a 64 Hz tuning fork and a 128 Hz tuning fork: this one octave interval produces a deep relaxation effect, complementary to the effect obtained previously . These 2 tuning forks 64 Hz and 128 Hz can also be used together on bones and ligaments.



After having located with your finger or the palm of your hand the point where you are going to place the tuning fork, tap it gently on your knee while holding it by the stem. Then place the end of the tuning fork (the rod) on the detected point, then maintain firm contact and leave it in place, until the vibration disappears (you will easily feel it). With the other hand, always maintain contact with the body.



• Deep relaxation and feeling of calm

• Tissue relaxation

• Soothing of muscle tension, spasms and pain

• Improved blood circulation

• Stimulation of subcutaneous nerves


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Disclaimer: The information above is that provided by the manufacturer and is for general guidance only. PICK & BOCH MUSIQUE declines all responsibility for the therapeutic use that may be made of this musical tool.