Therapeutic tuning fork - Om - 136.10 Hz


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Therapeutic tuning fork – Om – 136.10 Hz


This Om tuning fork is calibrated to a C# and vibrates precisely at 136.10 Hz which, according to the research of Swiss scientist Hans Cousto, corresponds to the frequency of the year and more precisely to the 32nd octave of the earth year, according to a calculation based on the rotation time of the Earth around the Sun.


This frequency is also the one used in India, where it is called “Sadja”, to tune the Sitar and the Tampura.


This tuning fork in relation to the vibration of the Earth is used at the level of the heart chakra to develop intuition and contemplation.



• Deep relaxation and feeling of calm

• Opening of the heart

• Develops intuition and contemplation


? Delivered with its navy blue velvet protective cover.


Disclaimer: The information above is that provided by the manufacturer and is for general guidance only. PICK & BOCH MUSIQUE declines all responsibility for the therapeutic use that may be made of this musical tool.


Complete your order with a suitable mallet, a tuning fork holder, a book on Sonology or a Sonotherapy CD.