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Sound healing bed produced by Svaram dimension: 67x70x208 Weight : 45kg This elaborately constructed instrument of the size of a massage table has 50 strings and more, especially manufactured and carefully tuned. The proportionally designed resonator opens a complete new gate of perception of the healing and harmonizing dimension of pure sound. After initial preparations as an appropriate ‘tune-in’, the receiving person lies on the upper surface of the resonating box. While the strings attached to the bottom are gently played, the magic of the sound – in its rich spectrum of overtones- unfolds and envelops and penetrates, as it seems, every cell of the body. The inherent vibrational nature of our organism is tapped and set in motion. The experience of this ‘altered state’ of an intensified awareness refreshes and nurtures the whole system of the mental-emotional-physical constitution and leaves an imprint of harmony and well-being. The Sound Healing Bed has been successfully introduced in Healing-,Yoga- and Wellness centers, spas and theme hotels and counselling set-ups where trained therapists, yoga teachers and wellness instructors offer treatment and sound experience sessions to visitors, clients and patients. A sound treatment – administered with care and individual attention – has a deep harmonizing effect and leaves the recipient without exception in a state of deep relaxation, awe and gratitude. The Sound Healing Bed is available in prototype form and can be manufactured only through direct contact and special customized order and agreement.

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