Kalimba 'Sansula Renaissance' - Standard / A minor


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Kalimba ‘Sansula Renaissance’ – Standard / A minor



The Sansula consists of a small kalimba with a solid cherry wood body, mounted on a synthetic resonance skin, itself stretched over an oval beech frame. It is equipped with 9 stainless steel blades, staggered in length and organized on 2 keyboards (5 at the bottom and 4 at the top), perfectly tuned to the 440 Hz tuning fork.


This particular construction offers the possibility of producing a very interesting “Wah-Wah” effect. This requires placing the instrument on a flat surface such as a table or even the knees, then lifting it slightly by pulling it apart and bringing it closer to this support, while playing.


This Renaissance model takes its name from the specific head with which it is equipped: a Remo Renaissance drum head, made in the USA, which offers great robustness while retaining the indescribable sound of the classic Sansula with the more delicate fiber head. The Renaissance thus combines excellent qualities, such as resistance to humidity and stability of skin tension whatever the conditions and hygrometric variations, which allows it to offer its exceptional sound, both soft and powerful, in all circumstances! It also has a slightly different finish from the classic model, with wooden strapping that goes up all around the resonance head.


We offer you this Sansula Renaissance with the essential original Sansula tuning, called “standard”, which accompanied the creation of this fabulous instrument from its beginnings with the first model! Based on an A minor chord enriched with blades tuned to the additional B and F notes, it creates an ever so fascinating and bewitching sound environment.



? Height: 20 cm

? Width: 15 cm

? Thickness: 4.5 cm


? Delivered in its specially adapted protective cardboard case, with a small manual in English.


Used in all musical styles, but also by storytellers, for theater, meditation, musical awakening, music therapy, the Sansula creates unique atmospheres and seems to have the power to bewitch anyone who listens to it!

This Renaissance model, with its robust Remo skin, is particularly suitable for use with children, in playgroups where the instrument passes from hand to hand, in various environments (with changes in humidity and temperature for example ) or for any demanding musician.





? Complete your order with a Playing Method, a Sheet Music Book and a Sansula Bag, essential to protect your instrument in all circumstances, and also discover all our other Sansulas models!