Clay ghatam with bag and hard case


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Clay ghatam with bag and hard case

It is mainly played using different strikes with the flat or the edge of the hand, wrists, phalanges, fingertips or nails, to obtain high-pitched sounds, and more rarely low-pitched sounds with a “wha-wha” effect. ” somewhat reminiscent of the glissando effects of the Indian Tabla.

The multiplicity of strikes offers varied playing possibilities, and this traditional percussion with a clear and precise sound is used mainly in the Carnatic music of South India, but is also appreciated for the production of sound effects and other sound effects.


This model of Ghatam that we offer is handcrafted in India, according to tradition, in natural terracotta. The dark traces that may appear on the barrel are due to the cooking of the instrument, and give each its unique character.


It’s a rich instrument, offering a wide range of tones ranging from warm, resonant lows to clear, slamming highs, depending on the type of stroke used and the shuttering of the opening.



? Total height of the pot: approx. 35 cm

? Average diameter of the pot: about 30 cm

? Opening diameter: about 12 cm


? Sold in its rigid case and with a soft cover.

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