Zaphir chime - Crystalide model

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Zaphir chime - Crystalide model


The manufacture of these chimes, well known since 1992 under the name "Shanti", was completely redesigned and innovated in 2010, in order to once again ensure the creation of a quality instrument, with a crystalline sound rich in harmonics.

Thanks to 25 years of experience in the creation of these chimes, and in close cooperation with the skilled craftsmen of our workshop, the new "Zaphir" chime is now available in various tones and colors.


The wall of the resonance box consists of very thin layers of long-fiber wood cellulose, calendered under high pressure. By a spiral and tight winding of the multiple layers, one obtains a cylinder at the same time fine, hard and flexible; three essential acoustic qualities in order to give the Zaphir carillon its warm tone and its crystalline sound.


The dimensions of the carillon, very specifically chosen, corroborate the natural principles of balance linked to the famous "golden ratio", and are found to be fundamental for the quality of sound waves.


The "magic" melody of each chime is obtained by the tuning of 8 metal rods, the "musical strings" of the Zaphir, each calibrated to a very precise length and welded with silver in a metal ring placed at the base of the carillon. After assembling the instrument in the resonance tube, the chime is again tuned by hand, in order to better refine the interaction of the fundamental harmonics, in a circular and infinite movement ...


The decoration of the Zaphir is based on a very specific marbling technique obtained by "oil painting on water", specially developed and perfected by the Zaphir workshop, which gives the carillon its unique design and allows a wide range of shimmering shades.


The exterior of the resonance box is protected by a layer of water-based varnish, meeting the "Ecolabel, Toy standards - EN71-3" standard. The interior is protected by a water-based paint "Green Label", and the protection of the wooden parts, tinted black, is provided by a wax.


The use of the Zaphir chime indoors does not require any special maintenance. For outdoor use, it is highly recommended to regularly clean and then iron a coat of water-based varnish on the chime, experience showing excellent resistance of chimes, even after many years!


The Crystalide model has a magnificent "golden yellow" shade with deep blue veins. He plays a G Major scale: Sol-La-Si-Ré-La-Sol-Si-Ré, and embodies the awakening of Spring, clear and dazzling!



● Height: 12.5 cm

● Diameter: 6.5 cm


The crystalline melody of Zaphir may surprise you and transport you ..., again ..., again and again!

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  • Zaphir chime - Crystalide model

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