Doli Ceviz Kilifli synthetic skin and walnut body - 32 cm


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Doli – synthetic skin and walnut body – 32 cm

Height: 34 cm

The Doli is a drum found in different regions such as Georgia and the Caucasus. It is played by hand, with the palm and fingers, on the edges to obtain soft sounds and in the center to obtain powerful sounds. Traditionally played by men, it helps create the rhythm for dances and is often accompanied by other instruments such as the Duduk, the Shevi, etc…


It is composed of a walnut shaft, with a synthetic skin stretched on each side by ropes, adjustable with wooden beads.



– diameter of the skins: 32 cm

– barrel depth: 34 cm


Sold in cover.


Note: These instruments being handcrafted, certain details such as the colors of the wood may vary slightly from one instrument to another.

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