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Native Flute Gray Hawk – B – Aromatic Cedar – High Spirits Delivered with method (book + DVD) It is indissociable from the culture of the native peoples of North America, whether they are Apaches, Cherokees, Iroquois, Lakotas or Navajos, the Native American Flute, or Native American Flute, often abbreviated to “NAF” , Takes us far, far away, to the heart of the great plains and majestic landscapes of America. Closely linked to shamanism, it has the gift of bewitching anyone who listens to its music. Its mystical tone, always tinged with a certain melancholy, tells us more strongly than words the fascinating history of these native peoples. The native flute is an instrument of “intuitive music” par excellence, playable by all, even without any previous musical knowledge or practice. His playing, close to that of the recorder, offers a great richness of nuances (glissando, vibrato, staccato, etc …), with disturbing expressivity. Made in the United States by High Spirits, whose instruments have an excellent reputation, this Gray Hawk model in B tone is in aromatic cedar, dressed in ocher and light brown leather straps. The flute is ornamented with a fetish symbolizing its bird-totem the Gray Hawk (“Crested Hawk” in French), sculpted in a very stylized way and fixed at the bevel of the flute by a leather ribbon. It is pierced with 6 holes of play on the top, with no thumbs to butcher underneath. The 3rd hole of the left hand (the 3rd from the mouth of the flute) can be closed by a large ligature of removable leather, thus making it possible to transform it into a 5-hole flute playing a pentatonic scale, even easier to Apprehend, without any possible false note. The grain of the aromatic cedar wood brings a rich, warm and full sound to the Gray Hawk, and this wood also presents unique aesthetic qualities, with variations of tints in its veins, which make each flute unique and make it a true piece of art. Very easy to play, this Gray Hawk has a voice with typical blues accents. Length: 45 cm ? Sold with instructional DVD with instruction booklet. This astonishing Gray Hawk with its warm, full and resonant sound will delight beginners by its ease of play as well as the most seasoned by its unique “bluesy” character! ? Good to know The High Spirits flutes are the guarantee of handmade handmade in Arizona, in the southwest of the United States, for more than 20 years. They are made with wood from sustainably managed forests, and each flute is then impregnated with non-toxic and non-polluting protective vegetable oils. Note: Wood shades and waves may vary slightly from instrument to instrument. See also: – Sheet music: RVARNEUF1 – Covers: RVARNEUF2 – The kit: RVARNEUF3 – The CDs: RVARNEUF4

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