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This sitar in pure “Vilayat Khan” style was made by master luthier Monoj Kumar Sardar. This type of instrument corresponds exactly to the sitars played in the great school of master Vilayat Khan.


Often tuned in D, rather than the traditional C or C#, this sitar is used in a very brilliant and virtuoso musical style which imposes very typical particular violin-making criteria:

? sitar slightly smaller in size than other models

? absence of tumba (the 2nd resonator placed at the back of the head)

? less serious tuning, with a thinner 3rd and 4th string

? resonance box (calabash) not surrounded by sculpted reinforcements

? simpler typical decoration, recognizable in particular by the very refined sculpture of the “faux-mother-of-pearl” which surrounds the soundboard


? Sold in its custom-made luxury hard carrying case, glossy black exterior, red velvet interior.


A professional sitar with exemplary sound!

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