Singing earth bowl-Marmitoms-Big model


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Singing earth bowl-Marmitoms- Big model


Brown or red color


Created by painter-sculptor Stéphane Dubois in France in collaboration with a talented potter, this clay bowl has the property of developing harmonics that are both powerful and very soft.


The very harmonious curved shape, the care given to the manufacture of the bowl and the intention of its creator make it possible to generate frequencies which make one feel in the depths of oneself the feminine qualities of our nurturing mother earth, qualities of care, support, of generosity and kindness.


The struck sound has the purity of the finest bronze bells. It will be more often used by rubbing the edge like crystal bowls without fear of playing too hard.


I personally had never heard a bowl sound of such quality and purity before.


Approximate size: each bowl being unique and numbered:

– Height: 24 to 27 cm

– Weight: 4000 -5000 Gr

– Diameter at the top: 25 to 28 cm


Rubbed by a stick covered in suede, the earth shudders, vibrates and resounds.


With the sounds of these bowls opens a contemplative universe of a richness and a depth that can let imagine the purity of these forms.


Accompanying the chanting of mantras or harmonic chanting, their physical impact is like a sound massage.


Judiciously implemented in music therapy, their unifying capacity (a single material and a single object) and their harmonizing character seems to reveal a simple message:


“How good it is to put oneself in unison with the Earth which sings…!”

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