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As its name suggests, the Tubalophone is an instrument made up of sound tubes. These tubes, the number of which varies from 6 to 9 depending on the model, are made of metal and emit very pure and crystalline sounds when they begin to vibrate, after having been struck with a mallet.

Thanks to the precise tuning of the various tubes in relation to each other, numerous harmonics are created, filling the whole room with their vibrations and enveloping the listeners with powerful sound waves.


This giant rotating model is made up of 9 metal tubes, from 60 cm for the shortest to 86 cm for the longest, connected to each other by a cord and suspended horizontally from a wooden support.


Attached to a hook, the instrument lends itself to many experiments: it is for example possible to wind up the suspension string of the instrument by making it turn on itself, before playing the tubes then releasing the instrument, which then begins to spin in the air around its point of attachment, then delivering all the power of its harmonic vibrations in successive waves that fill the entire space.


The range of this Sound Ray model covers a full octave, from low C to C. It plays a scale based on the harmonic octave, adjusted to the “cosmic” tuning fork of A 432 Hz: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-G-A-Bb-B-Do.



? Width: 91cm

? Height: 67cm

? Diameter of the tubes: 3.2 cm

? Weight: 4.6kg


? Sold with its  mallet.


Intuitive instrument par excellence, this giant rotating tubalophone with infinite sound possibilities offers a unique sound, very powerful and rich in harmonics, which envelops anyone who listens to it in bewitching celestial music!




Note: To take full advantage of the beautiful deep bass of the giant tubalophone, we recommend that you listen to these excerpts through headphones or on good home speakers, because the multimedia speakers and systems usually integrated into laptops have a tendency to “eat “a very large part of the low frequencies.


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