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Planetary singing bowl set weighing a total of 9500g


The set consists of:


Chakra 1 – Root – Terrestrial Day – Earth – Sol


Chakra 2 – Sacral- Moon- Sol#


Chakra 3 – Plexus – Sun – La-Do


Chakra 4- Om – Earth year- C#


Chakra 5- Throat – Mercury- C#-D


Chakra 6 – 3rd eye – Venus- The


Chakra 7 – Crown- Platonic year- Jupiter – F- F#


Our planetary bowls have frequencies tuned to the frequencies of the planets according to the work of Hans Custo.

These sonic planetary frequencies are reduced to frequencies audible to the human ear according to the octave law.

The frame of reference which is established on an ascending diatonic scale is used for the chanting of the bija mantra.

It was established from the centuries-old science of mantras and chakras in India.

The sequence of notes is SA Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, The Sa not being connected to a specific frequency, We can start this ascending diatonic scale on any note and from there go up to the higher octave.

It is therefore completely improper to make the sequence of Indian notes correspond to the C major scale.

Starting on a C is just one of the many possibilities for choosing the note for the root chakra.


Non-contractual photo. The size of the bowls may change depending on the set.

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