Oud ottoman de Syrie - Milieu du 19ème siècle


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This rare old Ud of the Ottoman Empire does not bear etiquette, but it most probably comes from Syria and we can date it around 1860-1880. According to the characteristics of his work, it may be supposed that this exceptional piece was a special order made by a Turkish musician in Syria, which was at that time under Turkish domination. Indeed, the shape of the table is rather typical of that of the Syrian making, whereas the tuning fork (= length of vibrating cord) is indeed that of a Turkish oud. Violin – poplar table – box of resonance in plane tree and walnut – ebony fingerboard – rosewood bridge – rosewood anchors (recently changed) Dimensions – case length: 55,5 cm – tuning fork (= length of vibrating string): 58.7 cm The recommended tuning for this old instrument is the following (from treble to bass), ideally in gut strings: Re – La – Mi – La – Sol. Its sonority is remarkable, “old-fashioned”, combining softness, richness of the bass and mediums, and accuracy of the treble. ? Delivered with a set of gut strings.

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