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Singing Chair – Sound healing Chair

You sit gently on the sounding chair, while the sound of a monochord surrounds you with soft vibration. You feelt the sound vibrate an your back and sholders, you even sit on sound. The birch wood is being bend in our workshop. The back of the chair has blanc and wound strings, which are tuned in an octave or in tambura tuning. Otjher tunings are possible.

monchair the playful easiness of the singing chair

monchair is easy to play and everyone can use it intuitively without any prior musical experience. Approaching the chair with a gentle and supportive attitude can bring joy and healing to your client. The singing chair monchair will captivate you with ist elegant appearance and design. It is the perfect fit for a variety of locations, such as: modern offices, clinics, therapeutic facilities, private practices, wellness center and in your very own home.

You can choose between 2 tunings
• Monochord tuning – 18 overtone strings d and 22 bass strings D

• fully assembled: 27,6” x 26” x 50”
• package size : 52,4” x 25 x 8
• weight : 59 pounds (27 kg)

• weight capacity 330 lbs
• ergonomically designed seat

• interchangeable, firmly mounted seat covers
• high adjustable neck rest
• stable design, to avoid over-stimulation of the equilibrium through combining the effects of the vibration of sound with the movement of the chair (rocking, swinging)
• all surfaces are treated with organic oils
• German designed and manufactured.
• easy to assemble
• small transport volume

Monchair with the monochord tuning allows you to create a more nuanced play. The strings are tuned to D and the higher octave d. This allows the player more creative possibilities to excite the many finer and subtle overtones. You can vary the pitches and focus on the deeper tones in D which have more vibration or string d to create more overtones.