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Miraj Swaramandala Orchestra – 36 strings model With tuning beads – Soft case

Swaramandala, a zither inspired by European instruments, is not a solo instrument, although it can be used as a small harp. His play requires no prior musical knowledge. Granted in pentatonic or diatonic modes, it accompanies and enhances melodies and songs. Swaramandala is a great success amongst storytellers who use it as a musical background to embellish their stories.

This 36-string model has a beautiful finish. Tuning beads placed on each string at the bottom of the instrument allow for very precise tuning.

Approximate dimensions
– height: 61 cm
– width: 40 cm
– thickness: 6 cm
– weight: 4 kg
Sold in its black nylon carrying case.

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