Koshi chimes - Complete pack `` The 4 Elements '' Aqua + Aria + Ignis + Terra

Aqua + Aria + Ignis + Terra


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Koshi chimes – Complete pack “ The 4 Elements ”


The fruit of 20 years of experience and passion for sound, the Koshi carillon, now known and recognized worldwide, has already won the hearts of sound lovers in all corners of the planet.

A true musical instrument, it is an original creation of high quality: each Koshi chime is handcrafted in a small workshop at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, using a refined and unique artisanal technique.


The body of the instrument is a bamboo resonance tube, a material known since prehistoric times for its acoustic quality, and still widely used today in the making of many musical instruments: didgeridoos, flutes, jaw harp, valihas, xylophones, etc …

This cylinder is handcrafted by hand, using thin layers of bamboo assembled against each other, to create a bamboo veneer, stronger than raw solid bamboo.

Treated with a natural finishing oil, this tube of high acoustic quality thus retains a beautiful sober and natural appearance.


Eight metal sound rods are silver-soldered onto a metal ring attached to the base of the cylindrical resonance chamber. Thanks to a new tuning technique, the very precise tuning of these musical rods creates a play of deep sounds, very rich in harmonics and crystalline.

The harmonics of the shorter stems constitute the fundamental notes, and the whole forms a very harmonious circular sound scale.


Slowly swing the chime in a circular motion, holding it by its cord, and let yourself be enchanted by its soft, crystal-clear and relaxing melody.

Hanging from the branch of a tree, the carillon will play in harmony with the wind to carry you away to an unexpected melody.


The Koshi chime is available in 4 models, Aqua, Aria, Ignis & Terra, directly inspired by the Four Elements. Each has its own “magic” timbre and can be played harmoniously with everyone else.


The Aqua model, which sports its signature “Koshi” adorned with a touch of blue, plunges us into the element of Water. It is tuned according to a D minor scale: A – D – F – Sol – A – D – F – A.


The Aria model, which sports its signature “Koshi” adorned with a touch of yellow-gold, carries us high in the element of Air. It is tuned according to a scale of A minor 7: A – C – E – A – B – C – E – B.


The Ignis model, which sports its signature “Koshi” adorned with a touch of red, warms us with its Fire element. It is tuned according to a G Major 9 scale: G – B – D – G – B – D – G – A.


The Terra model, which sports its signature “Koshi” adorned with a touch of green, takes us to the heart of the Earth element. It is tuned according to a C Major scale: G – C – E – F – G – C – E – Sol.



? Height: 16.5 cm

? Diameter: 6.3 cm


First and foremost a musical instrument with wonderful sounds, the Koshi carillon is also suitable for any decor, thanks to its sober and natural design …

A true hymn to Nature and the Four Elements!


? To complete your order

For an unprecedented sound experience at the edge of intuitive music, let yourself be seduced by the association of these two magical instruments, the Sansula and the Koshi Carillons!

? Synergy Aqua / Aria

The Carillon Koshi Aqua is magnificent associated with our Sansula Aqua / Aria, exclusive to PICK & BOCH with which it harmonizes ideally. Also add the Carillon Koshi Aria, and here is a musical trio in perfect harmony!

? Aria / Ignis synergy

The airy character of the Carillon Koshi Aria creates sparks with the Carillon Koshi Ignis, subtly accompanied by the Sansula Aria / Ignis!

? Ignis / Terra synergy

Another equally magical trio: the Sansula Ignis / Terra and its acolytes the Carillon Koshi Ignis and the Carillon Koshi Terra, to experience without further delay!

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