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harmonium-model-dolsetina easy to carry with a nice sound due to its structure of 2 set of reeds. This kind of harmonium needs to be played forte all the time.

Harmonium – Dolcetina Model



The Harmoniums that we offer are made in Calcutta and are worked in very dry wood of very good quality.





-2 octaves + 7 notes

– from F to C two octaves higher

– double bellows which opens in front and behind like a shruti box.


The Dolcetina is a very practical harmonium for travel because its good sound quality is combined with its lightness and small size, obtained thanks to a special bellows that unfolds both at the front and at the back.


Due to a lower air capacity than other harmonium models, it should be noted that it is always used in strong mode to maintain the continuity of the sound.


L: 45cm


W: 16cm


Height: 26.5cm


5.100 KG approx.


Sold in its soft cover.


Note: The decorations and colors of the wood may vary depending on the arrivals.

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