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Harmonium – 2 set of reeds- Non portable. Made in Kolkatta First class quality The musical principle of the Harmonium (also called Song Guide) and the same as that of the accordion. It is based on the use of free brass reeds and a bellows which provides the air necessary for sound emission. Depending on the model of the instrument, the sound comes from the vibration of one, two or three rows of reeds. Currently, the Harmomium is widely used in India in popular, classical and devotional music to accompany singing. The Harmoniums we offer are manufactured in Calcutta and are produced in dry wood of good quality. Characteristics – 2 rows of reeds – 3 octaves 1/2 – 3 or 6-sided bellows – with handles Note: The decorations and colors of the wood may vary according to the arrivals.

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