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MALLETS M9 Plastic handle, vinyl grip & thong, specially weighted inner core wrapped with felt, nylon/acrylic Yarn overwrapped. Weight/Length: 151 gr. / 370 mm Handle / Head: 12 mm / 59 mm The Sound of the Gong with respect to the Mallet The sound and reaction of the Gong are determined by the size, weight and the material the mallet is made of. The mallets listed in the mallet section, are in accordance with the proper requirements. If you will use other mallets or tools, please make sure that the materials used are not too hard or sharp in order to avoid damaging or distuning the Gong. However, it is quiet possible you may be able to create interesting and fascinating sounds through the use of various materials and objects while utilizing appropriate care. Paiste mallets are manufactured to Paiste’s specifications, standards for top quality and durability. specially for 13″ – 16″ Gongs; also applied on bigger gongs for special sound effects

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