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“Canyon Shadows” is a record that pays tribute to the traditional music of Native Americans, including Navajo, and his favorite instrument, the majestic Native American flute. Travis Terry, principal interpreter of this disc, wrote these pieces while being inspired by his experiences and his attachment to Canyon de Chelly (pronounced “chai”). This 40-kilometer American national monument, with cliffs up to 300 m high, is located in Arizona, in the southwestern United States, in the middle of a large Navajo reserve. “Canyon Shadows” is his second record, always imbued with this majestic and mysterious atmosphere of the Canyon, a reflection of its history. Track list (tone) 01. Shadows Canyon (D) 02. Tonka’s Journey (G) 03. Talking Walls (F #) 04. Little Hands (F #) 05. Honoring Women (G) 06. Happy Heart (C) 07. Grandmother Lullaby (B & D) 08. Sacred Ground (A) 09. Tseyi Relations (F #) 10. Desert Moon (E) 11. Native American Warriors (F #) 12. High Spirits (G) 13. Sacred Path (F #) 14. Chorus – Canyon Shadows (D) musicians ? Travis Terry ? Odell Borg ? Zach Farley A record that takes us on an initiatory musical journey, to the bewitching sound of native flutes … To listen and savor simply to be transported by the beauty of the melodies, or to use as accompaniment for the work of flute and Amerindian music. Note: All songs on this disc are played on the very beautiful High Spirits flutes, made in Arizona, which you can find the many models in our shop (from the most serious to the most acute): Contra Bass (F #), Condor Bass (B, C, D & E), Golden Eagle (F #), Looking Wolf (F #), Loon Head (F #), Migration (F #), Crow (F # & G), Redtail Hawk (G), Little Hawk (F #) A), Sparrow Hawk (A), Whitetail Hawk (B), Merlin (C), Kestrel (D, E & F #) & Piccolo (G & A). ? Reminder The tones are given here according to the American notation, of which here is the correspondence with our French notation: C = Do / D = Ré / E = Mi / F = Fa / G = Sol / A = La / B = Si.