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Now inseparable from Spanish flamenco music and Latin music in general, Cajón was invented in Peru in the 18th century, where it is the traditional instrument of Creole music (Peruvian genre mixing African, Spanish and Andean influences) . This rustic-looking instrument probably originates from wooden crates used by slaves for fruit or fish. It is actually a sound box with a strike plate at the front, a sound vent at the back and a stamp placed inside the instrument that vibrates with each keystroke. It is played most often on it, with hands and heels, and it offers multiple sound combinations, the different parts of the instrument to obtain more or less serious or treble sounds. This model by Club Salsa is made of birch and ebony. Violin ? Birch body ? Ebony striking face ? Adjustable stamp with bells ? Natural varnish Dimensions: 49.5 x 30 x 29 cm ? Sold with its tone adjustment key, a black neoprene seat cushion, and a padded cover with large 2-slide front flap, velcro top flap, reinforced handle and backpack straps. A cajón of quality, with rich sound thanks to its adjustable strings!

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