Alto Saxophone Reeds - Vandoren V16 - 3 ½


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  • Description

The reeds of the Vandoren V16 range were specially developed in 1993, to meet the demand of American jazz musicians: “a Java reed with even more wood”! They have a thicker end and a longer blade than traditional reeds. With their medium thickness cores (between the Java reed and the Tradition reed), their design is designed to produce a punchy attack, with a rich, deep tone.



? Brand: Vandoren

? Range: V16

? Manufacturing: France

? Material: Roseau du Var selected

? Instrument: Saxophone

? Model: Alto

? Strength: 3 ½

? Reeds per box: 10


These Vandoren V16 reeds offer a brighter, more punchy sound, particularly well suited to all new styles of music!


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