Sun Gong ø 70 cm -Mercury with mallet

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Planetary Gong - Mercury - 70.64 Hz - 70 cm


Planetary Gongs were created from the work of Swiss researcher, mathematician and musician Hans Cousto. After observing and studying the rotations and revolutions of the Earth, he managed to develop a process of measurements and calculations based on planetary orbits, in order to determine the vibration specific to each of the planets in our solar system. By then transposing these frequencies according to the "Law of the Octave", he resulted in notes located in the spectrum of frequencies audible by man.

Using these gongs creates a sympathetic resonance between the planets and ourselves. In perfect harmony with the cycles of the cosmos, they transport us to the mysterious "Music of the Spheres" of Pythagoras, and bring us intimately into contact with the universe, filling our space with the sound and energy of the planets and generating a unique atmosphere.


This planetary gong is made of hammered and turned bronze. Its front face has undergone special treatment: only certain parts are turned (golden circles) while the others are left raw (black circles). This alternation of golden and black concentric circles, in addition to its aesthetic, modifies the propagation of the waves and thus gives this gong a particular sound.


This model, 70 cm in diameter, is precisely tuned to the vibration of the planet Mercury, i.e. 70.64 Hz.



● Planet: Mercury

● Frequency: 70.64 Hz

● Note: C # 2

● Diameter: 70 cm


But also...

● Character: Language / Communicative-intellectual principle

● Associated chakra: Vishuddha / Throat

● Associated color: Sky blue


✚ Delivered with its mallet.

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Une question ? Contactez notre équipe