Bell bracelet / Ghungroo / Salangai - 4 rows

N333 - IH
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This model is furnished with 4 rows of 10 brass bells, or 80 bells in total for the pair of bracelets. The alloy used offers a pleasant tone, with a lot of brilliance, for a powerful sound reproduction.


The bells are mounted on a thick padded fabric cushion, with a velvet finish on the inside, for optimal comfort against the skin.


The bracelet is attached by a solid cord to tie around the ankle (or wrist), and thus adapts to all sizes.


Red color



● Diameter of the bells: ~ 16 mm approximately

● Weight: approximately 180 g per bracelet approximately



- Sold by pair -

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The Ghungroos, Ghungharus or Salangais are anklets adorned with many bells, used in classical & traditional Indian and Pakistani dances such as Bharatnatyam, Garba, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniaattam, l ' Odissi, the Sattriya or the Yakshagana.

Sewn along a cord, on an often very colorful fabric support or on a piece of leather, the bells serve to accentuate the rhythmic aspect of the dance by marking the time, and also allow the public to better follow the movements. complex movements of the dancers' feet emphasizing each gesture.

True musical instruments with very advanced technique, the Ghungurs allow all Indian rhythms to be performed and resonate with each step of the dancers, thus making them enter into a rhythmic joust with the percussionists who accompany them.

The number of bells on the bracelet depends directly on the technical level of the dancer: thus, a child will begin with 30 to 50 bells, and will add more as their technical progress goes, up to more than 200 bells for experienced dancers. .

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