Swinging Chime - 9 bar - Megh- ether scale

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As its name suggests, the Tubalophone is an instrument made up of sound tubes. These tubes, the number of which varies from 6 to 9 depending on the model, are made of metal and emit very pure and crystalline tones when they vibrate, after being struck with a mallet.

Thanks to the precise tuning of the different tubes to each other, many harmonics are created, filling the entire room with their vibrations and enveloping listeners in powerful sound waves.


This suspended model is made up of 9 metal tubes, from 26 cm for the shortest to 46 cm for the longest, connected to each other by a cord and suspended horizontally from a wooden support.


Held in the hand or attached to a hook, the instrument can be waved, slowly swayed or briskly turned, while playing the hits, in a musical choreography creating new harmonics and ever more surprising sound effects.


● Width: 50 cm

● Height: 38 cm

● Diameter of the tubes: 1.8 cm

● Weight: 1.1 kg

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Swinging Chime - 9 bar - Megh- ether scale C-D-F-G-Bb-C-D-F-G This pioneering musical instrument is one of SVARAM's NEW WAVES innovations based on harmonic, just intonation shruti tunings on C 256 Hertz. The Chimes can be swung gently, rotated, traversed, looped, swayed around and over the body and create an immediately 'touching' experience of the magic of spherical sound in its layered consistence and its wholesome harmonizing effect. Dimensions approximately Size: 9 bar: 38 x 52 x 2.5cm

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