Kalimba Method 'Sansula' - Playing the Sansula

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Kalimba Method 'Sansula' - Playing the Sansula

"Playing the Sansula" is a one of a kind book, a complete guide to playing the wonderful Sansula!


⇒ Attention! This method is in English!


This is an innovative book, which draws on several different approaches to music by the Sansula.



● Guided improvisations: on the same principle as guided meditations, but based on the playing of the Sansula

● The chords: master pieces of songs and melodies

● Chord progressions: with backing tracks on CD serving as a training aid for improvisation

● Tablatures for Sansula: to learn precise phrases and pieces, but also to acquire general methods to create your own music

● The other tunings: tablatures and chord dictionaries not only for the "standard" tuning, but also for 3 other alternative tunings called "Beautiful E", "Heavenly A" & "Morocco E"

● Other resources: a list of links and references to learn more about the Sansula


✚ Accompaniment CD included with the book


By Mark Holdaway - 96 pages - In English


Used in all musical styles, but also by storytellers, for theater, meditation, musical awakening or even music therapy, the Sansula is a fascinating instrument that creates magical atmospheres and seems to have the power to bewitch whoever listens to it!

Dealing with its multiple aspects and sonic possibilities, "Playing the Sansula" by Mark Holdaway is an atypical method, which opens the doors to an exciting musical universe!





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The Sansula is a small kalimba (or sanza, thumb piano) with a solid hardwood body mounted on a synthetic resonance skin, itself stretched over an oval beech frame. Equipped with 9 stainless steel blades, staggered in length and organized on 2 keyboards, it can be used in many tunings and allows many playing possibilities, in particular a very interesting "Wah-Wah" acoustic effect. Intuitive instrument par excellence, and unanimously recognized as the "Rolls of the Kalimbas", it offers a unique, very rich sound, both soft and powerful, very often described as magical, bewitching, fascinating ...

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