Koshi & Sansula chimes - Aria / Ignis synergy

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Koshi & Sansula chimes - Aria / Ignis synergy


Always in search of new sounds, the idea came to us to combine these two magic instruments together, the Sansula and the Koshi Carillons, for an unprecedented sound experience on the borders of intuitive music!


For this we have developed in our workshop specific tunings for the 9 blades of the Sansulas so that they vibrate in perfect harmony with a couple of Koshi chimes, in order to create a unique and original musical trio.


Blowing the Air that nourishes the Fire, our "Aria / Ignis Synergy" pack includes:

● The Koshi Aria chime


● The Koshi Ignis chime


● La Sansula Aria / Ignis


And to make the game of this Sansula even more intuitive, we have added visual cues on each blade, in the form of small touches of color corresponding to the "totem colors" of the Koshi chimes with which it is associated:

● yellow for those more specifically associated with Koshi Aria and its Air element

● red resonates with Koshi Ignis and its Fire element


A trio of instruments in perfect harmony that can just as well be played by a single person, possibly accompanied by the wind as the sole accomplice to make the chimes sing, or shared with several for very beautiful moments of "musical conversation"!


Note: Do not hesitate to launch the sound clips of the two Koshi chimes of this magical trio at the same time in order to hear how they go well together to create a unique atmosphere.


★ Also discover our other exclusive PICK & BOCH packs: the Aqua / Aria Synergy and the Ignis / Terra Synergy, as well as our Koshi Pack "The 4 Elements", all our Koshi Chimes Models and all our Sansulas Models, and complete your Ordered with the "Playing the Sansula" Method of Play, the "Heavenly A Sansula" Sheet Music Book and the Sansula Bag, essential to protect your instrument in all circumstances!

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Une question ? Contactez notre équipe

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