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Workshops - Internships - Training

We are pleased to present to you an overview of the workshops, internships and training that will take place from October 2021 for the period 2021-2022.


This concerns the Sound in Consciousness® workshop which is offered one Sunday per month with the same group of participants throughout the year to explore intuitive music and vibration in connection with consciousness and the mind.


The training courses in sound therapy concern the therapeutic aspect of sound through the use of therapeutic tuning forks, singing bowls, intuitive instruments and the voice. In short, how to integrate sound into one's professional practice (yoga teachers, therapists, any healthcare profession linked to the public


The 5-day training course in the practice of intuitive music will focus on discovering all its aspects both in terms of principles and practice with specific workshops for the voice and each category of instruments (percussion, musical instruments). wind, string, melodic percussion in the hand pan or tongue drum style, singing bowls, gongs, small instruments etc.


Internship around the practice of the Indian harmonium and the chanting of mantras. This course lasts two days and is open to all musicians and non-musicians.


For all these workshops and courses, there is no prior musical knowledge required and is intended for all, all non-musicians as musicians.


They are given either in the resonance room of the Pick et Boch store or in a room located in a more green setting 20 km from Lyon near Lozanne.


Other one-off workshops are planned for the year which will depend on the external situation.


Finally, we offer an introduction to MDH® respiratory coordination which makes us aware and gives us the experience of breathing which optimizes the work of the diaphragm, facilitates the pose of the voice and the length of the breath and more.

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