Zither Dan Tranh from Vietnam - Large model


Ref. N2225 - IH

Dan Tranh , which is a kind of zither, is widespread in Vietnam. It is closely related to Japanese Koto and Chinese Guzheng. This large model is equipped with 17 metal strings, tuned with wooden pegs and resting on 17 individual movable bridges. The bridges are linked up together with a coloured thread that ends with red and yellow pompoms. The body is made out of varnished red exotic wood similar to mahogany and the soundboard, which is slightly curved, is in natural light wood. The instrument is embellished with many mother-of-pearl inlays: on the body sides, on the soundboard ends, on the pegs and on the bridges. You have to put the Dan Tranh flat in front of you, with the pegs on your left and the bridges on your right (in this way, the high strings are just in front of you). The strings are plucked with the right hand, equipped with metal picks, to the right of the bridges. Vibrato and bend effects are made with the left hand, by pressing the strings to the left of the bridges, while they are plucked by the right hand. The Dan Tranh is tuned to a C major pentatonic scale, and this model covers 3 octaves plus 1 note. It has a bright and cristal-clear sound. Dimensions - lenght: 115 cm - minimum width: 14 cm - maximum width: 24 cm Sold in a hardcase, with a wooden tuning key, metal picks, and some extra strings.


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