Violin 4/4 - JTL Jérôme Thibouville Lamy - Mirecourt circa 1900


Ref. A6289 - ANC

Violin 4/4 - JTL Jérôme Thibouville Lamy - Stradivarius model - Mirecourt 1900 483/5000 This 4/4 adult violin is marked with iron on the top cleat on the inside of the violin. It is a pretty model with flat vaults according to the model of Stradivarius. It is in very good condition, without fracture, with a brown-orange varnish, and it offers a beautiful sound. Violin ● Back In one piece ● Size 359 mm ● Red orange varnish ● Boxwood chinrest passing on the tailpiece ● Ebony fingerboard and rosewood pegs ● Tailpiece with four tensioners ● Corelli Crystal strings


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