Turkish Oud (Ud) - student electro acoustic model


Ref. N4322 - IH

Turkish Oud (Ud) - excellent student model With soft bag Oud from Turkey - Quality study model The Oud is a plucked string instrument and non-fretted handle of the lute family, very common in Arabic and Turkish music. The Turkish Oud has a piriform case, wider than that of the Arabian Oud. It also has a shorter vibrating length, and a sharper and more powerful sound. This model superior to the chosen woods presents a mahogany ribbed bottom with maple fillets. Its sound is very powerful, with a lot of sustain. Characteristics - spruce top - 3 rosettes - protective plate made of synthetic material - Pegs andbridge in synthetic material Vibrating Length: 56 cm Sold in its soft cover in black nylon. Note: Since these instruments are handcrafted, wood shades and decorations may vary slightly from instrument to instrument. Warning: the pictures are not contractual. Woods and colors can change


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