Tin Udu / Potée /Ibo - bass model Schlagwerk


Ref. N6915 - N

Tin Udu / Potée /Ibo - bass model Schlagwerk with support - H26 cm - D 26 cm La Potée is an instrument of the family of idiophones, native of Nigeria, and found on several continents, in different forms and names: Udu, Udo, Ibo, Kim-Kim or Mbre Abang in Africa, Ghatam in India, Etc ... It is a terracotta percussion (clay), usually in the form of a jar, pierced at least by a top opening and most often also by a lateral opening. It is played using different keystrokes of the hand, wrists, phalanges or fingertips, to obtain acute sounds slammed or on the contrary bass with wha-wha effect, reminiscent of the effects of glissando of the Indian Tabla (the bass being obtained on the main mouth). From the simplest models to those with several openings as well as additional bulbs, chimneys, bells or drums, the multiplicity of keystrokes offers infinite possibilities of play, until the creation of sometimes very complex rhythms. This clear and precise percussion can thus adapt to all musical styles. It is particularly widespread in Brazilian music, and also highly appreciated for the production of sound effects and other sound effects.


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