Therapeutic diapason - Shumann 135,83 Hz wave

Ref. N7224 - IH

Shumann Therapeutic Diaphragm 135,83 Hz-Use only if you already have a 128 HZ tuning fork. These two tuning forks of 135.83 Hz and 128 Hz must be combined exclusively to create the Schumann wave at 7.83 Hz. These two tuning forks are indicated in combination for the practice of sound therapy Note: can only be used together. These two tuning forks are used exclusively at the ear level to create a resulting frequency of 7.83 Hz to help your clients relax. The frequency of 7.83 Hz is an Alpha frequency, which specifically resonates with an atmospheric terrestrial vibration, called Schumann's Resonance or Schumann's Wave. This frequency creates an infrasonic buzz and provides a feeling of immediate relaxation and calm. The entire cranial box is vibrated through binaural listening of these two tuning forks combined together (128 and 135.83 Hz). They reproduce the vibration of the Earth, by their frequency combination. The frequency of 7.83 Hz is obtained by combining the vibration of two tuning forks. They create by their vibratory interference one of the major ground waves called Schumann: 7.83 Hz. This frequency promotes relaxation, improves sleep, relieves muscle tension, spasms, pain and improves circulation through relaxation


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