Tabor Pipe - Dixon Trad - D


Ref. N6042 - IC

The Tabor Pipe or "Drum Flute" is a straight flute with 3 holes (2 on the top and 1 hole of an inch). It is found in various musics, notably in Provence under the name of Galoubet or in the Basque Country under the name of Txistu. The musician plays the flute of the left hand, which allows him to accompany the drum (careua or ttun-ttun for example) with the other hand. Only the index finger, the middle finger and the thumb come into play, the ring finger and the little finger used to hold the instrument. The Tabor Pipe sometimes allows to play some alterations at the level of the pavilion. This Tabor Pipe is made in the UK by Tony Dixon, renowned for its quality Tin & Low Whistles. The body of the flute is made of brass, with a removable black polymer spout, which makes it possible to adjust the tuning as well as possible when playing with other instruments. It is a model in tone of C. The note played when all the holes are blocked is a D, then E, F and the one played when all holes are open is a G. Length: 29.5 cm


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