Shruti Box (Sruti Box) - Chromatic model - modern scale - 432 Hz


Ref. N6279 - IH

Shruti Box modern Scale 432 Hz Chromatic equal temperament The Shruti Box is part of the Harmonium family and plays a similar role to that of Tampoura in Indian music, that is to say it produces a drone (= a fixed note) serving as a base for a piece. In addition to Indian music, the Shruti Box can be used as a continuous bass for all types of music, including folk, traditional and medieval music. The wooden case contains a set of metal reeds. A system of valves makes it possible to choose the note or notes that one wishes to hear, and thus to compose chords. To get the air into the instrument and play the drone, simply release the front and back covers with the locking hooks and then slowly and smoothly operate the bellows with your hand. This chromatic model makes it possible to play the notes from Do3 to Do4, including alterations, with the particularity of being tuned on the La 432 Hz in equal temperament ie modern. The difference of sound with the models based on the 440 Hz is notable. This model is intended for those who choose the 432 hz and who wish to play with stringed instruments such as guitar that can not play in Pythagorean harmonic mode. The timbre and volume of each note are adjustable by playing on the inclination of the flaps. Characteristics ● Manual chromatic model ● 13 blades ● Do3 to Do4 ● Tuned to the temperament equal to 432 Hz ● 2 bellows ● Wood veneered ● Mahogany color finish Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 7 cm Weight: 3.7 kg A Shruti Box chromatic tuned on the 432 Hz in equal temperament, with always the same ease of play! Important: Each shruti box we sell is taken to the workshop for fine tuning - Made in India -


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