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C The Portuguese Guitar, or Guitarra, is an instrument of the family of cistres and mandolins. It is the main instrument of Fado, a melancholic Portuguese musical genre, with the classic 6-string nylon guitar. Equipped with 12 metal strings (6 choirs of 2 strings), it uses a special mechanical hook and screw system, placed in a fan, specific to the instruments of Portugal. In addition, it has a curved button, which makes it particularly comfortable to play. Depending on the region of origin, there are two types of Guitarra; the chevillier then takes different forms and the length of strings and the tuning also vary. In the style of "Lisboa D-A-B-E-A-B. In the style of "Coimbra", the chevillier is flat, in the shape of a drop of water, with a length of ropes of 49 cm and a tuning in C-G-A-D-G-A. It is traditionally used to accompany singing in Fado music, playing arpeggio chords but also solos. The musician uses tabs on the thumb and forefinger and makes "sing" the guitar through many effects of vibratos with the left hand. This Portuguese guitar is a model of Coimbra. Made in Portugal by the luthier António Pinto Carvalho, it has a beautiful traditional craft violin. Violin ● Spruce top ● Mahogany back and sides ● Mahogany neck and pegboard ● Round rose inlaid ● Inlaid nets ● Wenge key ● Traditional mechanics chrome fan ● 12 metal strings ● Satin varnish tuning ● The traditional tuning of Coimbra is as follows, from bass to treble: C '/ C - G' / G - A '/ A - D' /D '- G' / G '- A' / A ' ● But the tuning of Lisboa, a tone higher, is also widely used: D '/ D - A' /A - B '/ B- E' / E '- A' / A '- B' / B ' Overall length: 85 cm This beautiful instrument combines a meticulous violin and a superb sound. Its handle curved profile is a great comfort of play. Complete your order with a soft cover to protect your Guitarra de Fado.


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