Paul Bisch violin made in Mirecourt in 1928 Olivier and Bisch label- 359mm

Ref. A8588 - ANC

Violin of Paul Bisch made in Mirecourt in 1928 The back in one part in beautiful wavy maple is 359 mm This violin carries the label Lutherie of art Christian Olivier & Paul Bisch ex worker of the houses Caressa and French Luthier of the Paris Conservatory and manuscript: copy of Jacobus Stainer Year 1928 Paris N ° 127. His bio: Paul Bisch source museum Lutherie Mirecourt Despite an early deafness, he began his apprenticeship as a luthier at the Thibouville Lamy factory. He pursued him with master luthiers, such as Léon Mougenot and Marius Didier. At the age of 26, he entered Caressa and French, in Paris, to improve his instrument restoration. He moved to Mirecourt where he developed a reputed studio: a dozen workers will work for him, either in the workshop or at home. He sells his instruments abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, etc.). He is a medalist several times. In 1961 he won the title of best worker in France. He works in collaboration with many local artisans: violin sleeve sculptors, varnishers, accessories manufacturers. According to his son, his personal production would amount to about a thousand violins and violas.


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