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old chinese tympanon 14 triple strings and two double strings. Tuned in G major Size: 75*30 cm Rare ancient Chinese tympanon from the 1930s with antique case, chopsticks and old chord key This beautiful instrument is equipped with 14 triple strings and two double strings. It is equipped with its two bamboo sticks of great fineness of manufacture and two modern sticks. Size: 75 by 30 cm Read more: The cymbalum, czimbalum, cimbal (Slovakia), cimbalom (Hungary), ambambal (Romania and Moldova), or tsymbaly (Belarus, Poland and Ukraine), cimbole (Latvia), cimbolai (Lithuania) is a stringed instrument Family of zither on table. It is also called the Gypsy Piano. Source wikipedia Characteristics: 16 turned walnut easels Black lacquer back and sides Massive wood table in varnished wood close to the maple Agreement in G major. In fact the diagram is close to the hammered American dulcimer. Its sound is rich, warm and powerful. This tympanon has an amazing sound projection. It is a beautiful testimony of China from the years 1930-1940


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