Octave Mandola Ashbury

Ref. N3968 - IC

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This Western mandolin is a clever mixture of mandolin and Irish bouzouki. It is also called "Octave Mandola" (literally "Mandole to the octave"), in reference to its tuning: indeed, its 4 double-strings are in Sol-Re-La-Mi like the mandolin, Lower octave. This beautiful model benefits from a violin and finishing touches. Violin ● Solid spruce top ● Background, sides and handle in rosecherry ● Simple black threads ● Inlay type celtic knot on the head ● Rosewood fingerboard with markings ● Rosewood bridge ● High and low buffalo bones ● Grover Mechanics ensure good tuning Tuning This Western Mandola has 8 strings organized in 4 choirs in unison. It is tuned one octave lower than the mandolin, from the bass to the treble: Sol - Ré - La - Mi. Dimensions ● Overall length: 87 cm ● Scale length: 52,5 cm ● Height of body: 38 cm ● Body width: 34 cm ● Thickness of fishplates: 6,5 cm A mandolin with a beautiful sound full with a long sustain, ideal for the traditional Celtic and Irish repertoire! ✚ Sold in its rigid outer case black imitation leather and velvet interior with small accessory compartment under the sleeve.


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