Ney - Synthetic model - In C


Ref. N7079 - IH

Ney turk - Synthetic model - In C The Ney is an oblique flute from Asia Minor where notes mingle with the musician's breath, which gives him a very characteristic tone, with a warm tone. The Ney is traditionally played by placing the right hand at the top and the left hand at the bottom. This model is made of high quality synthetic material, the finish of which imitates a dark brown wood. This material has the advantage of not splitting and of not requiring any special maintenance, unlike the reed. It is pierced with 6 holes of play on the top and 1 hole of an inch below. The tone of a Ney is defined by the note obtained when the first 5 holes of play and the hole of thumb are closed. It corresponds to a minor scale. This model is in C tone and measures 68 cm long. According to the arrivals, color brown or black or grey


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