Native Flute Whitetail Hawk Double - B - Walnut


Ref. N2451 - IH

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Played by North America Indians, the Native flute, with its majestic sound, is playable by everyone. Its playing technique (close to the recorder) is very expressive (glissando, vibrato, staccato...). It can be played directly on the mouthpiece but a small plastic tube is included, that allows to play without damaging the wood with the saliva acidity. It has 6 holes but the left hand 3rd hole is often closed with a removable leather tie, to make it a 5-hole flute. Each flute is decorated with a bird, placed on the window and tied with a leather strap. A booklet with CD is included with each flute. The Whitetail Hawk Double model is in key of B minor. It is made out of walnut, measures about 45 cm long and is decorated with dark brown and light brown leather straps. This a professional flute and great for those starting out. Its bore size makes it easier to play while it still has a full resonating voice. It is deeper in tone then the Merlin in C. Nota: Wood colors and shades may vary slightly. Complete your order with a DVD method and scores.

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