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Native Flute Piccolo - A - Aromatic Cedar- 6 holes lengh: 28 cm Played by North America Indians, the Native flute, with its majestic sound, is playable by everyone. Its playing technique (close to the recorder) is very expressive (glissando, vibrato, staccato...). This Piccolo model is made out of aromatic cedar which gives off a very pleasant perfume. The wood has a natural and mat oil finish. The flute is decorated with a sculpted piece of wood, fastened with a leather strap. It has 5 holes and plays in A minor pentatonic scale. It has a beautiful bright voice. Its small size (23 cm) makes it easy to bring with you everywhere (forest walks, for example) and makes it a perfect instrument for children's little hands! Nota: Wood colors and shades may vary slightly. Complete your order with a DVD method and scores.

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