Native flute Golden Eagle - Fa # - Walnut / Turquoise


Ref. N6671 - IH

Native Flute Golden Eagle - Fa # - Walnut / Turquoise Delivered with method (book + DVD) Played by the North American Indians, the native flute, with its majestic sound, is an instrument playable by all. His playing (close to that of the recorder) is rich in nuances (glissando, vibrato, staccato ...). It can be played directly on the mouthpiece or use a beveled plastic mouthpiece that does not alter the wood with the acidity of the saliva. Each flute is ornamented with a bird on the bevel of the instrument, fixed to it by a leather ribbon. It has 6 holes, but the 3rd hole of the left hand is often closed with a large removable leather ligature, transforming it into a 5-hole flute. An instruction booklet with DVD is provided with each flute. The Golden Eagle model is in tone of Fa # (F #) and measures between 60 and 65 cm long. It is in walnut, decorated with inlays of turquoise and beige and brown leather thongs. This model of Lakota type (Native American people also called Sioux) in F # is very precise, ideal for solo play, slightly more serious than the Redtail Hawk in Sol. This tone is used in most Native American flute recordings. This flute is recommended for people who have already played a wind instrument. The Golden Eagle, with its melodic tone, creates a mystical atmosphere. Note: Wood shades and waves may vary slightly from instrument to instrument. See also: - Sheet music: - Covers: - The kit: - The CDs: Native flute Golden Eagle - Fa # - Walnut / Turquoise Delivered with method (book + DVD) for sale in Lyon and online and many other flutes such as native flute High Spirits, Recorder and shaman instruments- Intuitive music - shaman drums by music shop violin and repair workshop Pick and Boch since 1979


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