Native Flute Crow - F# - Ebonized walnut & Turquoise


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Native Crow Flute - F # - Ebony Walnut & Turquoise Delivered with method (book + DVD) Played by the Indians of North America, the native flute, with its majestic sound, is an instrument that can be played by all. Its playing (close to that of the recorder) is rich in nuances (glissando, vibrato, staccato ...). You can play it directly on the mouthpiece or use a bevelled plastic tip that does not alter the wood with the acidity of the saliva. Each flute is adorned with a bird on the bevel of the instrument, attached to it by a leather ribbon. It has 6 holes, but the 3rd hole of the left hand is often closed with a large removable leather ligature, to transform it into a 5-hole flute. An instruction booklet with DVD is provided with each flute. The Crow model benefits from a particular process which gives it an entirely black appearance, in line with its favorite bird: the raven ("crow" in English). The flute is in walnut wood having received a "ebénisation", special treatment which allows to color the wood very in depth. This ebénisation does not affect in any way the sound properties provided by the specific grain of the walnut, which offers a rich and clear sound. In addition, this hardwood also has the advantage of being resistant (outdoor use). The Crow is adorned with turquoise inlays and black leather straps. This model in F # (F #) is approximately 65cm long. This Lakota type model (Native American people also called Sioux) is very precise, ideal for solo play, slightly more serious than the Sol model. This key is that used in most Native American Indian flute recordings. Its melodic sound creates a mystical atmosphere. Note: The shades and waves of the wood may vary slightly from one instrument to another. Also discover: - The partitions: Partitions Flûte Native - Native Spirit Vol.1(+CD)
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