Method for Jew's Harp (CD+booklet) - Stéphane Voisin

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The Method (all in French) This training method for jew's harp is intended as well for beginners as for experienced musician. Indeed, the first part is about the essential basis of the play of jew's harp, and the second part develops more particularly the rhythmical techniques used in Rajasthan.

Two mediums to help you 1. Disc with 64 tracks
Conceived within the scope of oral passing on, it offers exercises of exploration with voice and breath, followed by their practical application with the instrument. Indeed, the play of the jew's harp uses similar elements with those used in the sung or spoken voice. The exercises and examples follow a progressive pedagogy from the beginning standard to an advanced standard. The purpose is to be able to play any traditional tune and to give it rhythm. 2. Booklet with 36 pages
This booklet follows and explain each track of the disc.

  • Part I :
    • principle of operation : holding and applying to teeth, percussion of the tongue, apnea and breath
    • harmonics and spaces of resonances : search for harmonics of the palate, of the pharynx, of the nasal fossae; build a tune
  • Part II :
    • the epiglottis : it is a valve located in the glottis used in everyday life (to swallow, to hiccough, to laugh...). In Rajasthan, the use of this valve is dominating in the art of the rhythm : it controls each element of the breath and makes it possible to avoid breathlessness.
    • the epiglottis and the rhythm : study of rhythms in triple time, quadruple time and quintuple time
  • Appendix : H'Mong jew's harp (Vietnam)
      This last part explains how to adapt all the elements of this method to H' Mong brass jew's harps.
The author Stéphane VOISIN has been studying jew's harp, didgeridoo and diphonic singing since 1992. He created a training method for didgeridoo in 1999 and he has been learning traditional play of jew's harp with H'Mong people from Vietnam and with Rajasthan musicians since 1995.


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