Kigonki lulu overtone A 432 Hz with bag & mallets


Ref. N7506 - IC

Kigonki lulu overtone A 432 Hz with bag & mallets From the family of "Steel Tongue Drum", the Kigonki is a completely intuitive melodic percussion instrument that can be played by anyone, even without any prior musical knowledge. Completely handmade in Spain, this high quality instrument is made of a steel drum in which are cut out sound blades and can be played either directly with the hands or with suitable sticks . This model "Lulu" presents a unique tuning concept with 8 notes cut on each side of the instrument (16 blades total), which offer exceptional sustain, beat and harmonic richness. Indeed, its 2 faces are tuned according to the same range of D Major, but with a very slight offset between them, which generates a tremolo effect and significantly increases the volume of the instrument. This acoustic response is immediate and totally hypnotic! The "Lulu" illustrates perfectly the benefit of such a subtle "detune", which manages to create new tones, similar to harmonized voices emanating from the body of the instrument itself. Thus, it has not only 8 notes, but rather multiple frequencies, whose interactions between the different layers of harmonics inspire fluctuation and movement, and generate a "cosmic" sound. Moreover, the instrument benefits from a very neat, changing and colorful aesthetic, unique to each Kigonki: a pleasure for the eyes as much as for the ears, which participates in the joy to play this instrument of a very high quality . Tuning Range of overtone A 432 Hz: A- C#-E -G- A -B-C#- E Dimensions ● Diameter: 27 cm ● Height: 14 cm ● Weight: 2.7 kg ✚ Delivered in its specially adapted padded carrying case, with two rubber tips and a plasticised tuning chart.


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